Curon (2020)

Genre: Series
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Review : 1 Ok this is not the best series out there but did people become so picky they only put a decent amount of stars to the top of the top level shows?? This is a very decent simple show that got me hooked from the beginning to the end. Yes it's slower than average, yes the story is not the craziest ever and no you don't need to use your brain to understand it... But it's not advertised as the new Dark or Hunting Of Hill House so take it as it is: a new paranormal thrillerish show from Italy! I'm glad I didn't check the reviews so I wasn't influenced by them at all. Too bad some of you won't watch it because of all those undeserved terrible 1 or 2 stars. Review : 2 Get past the first episode which is admittedly not great (overbearing music to create a 'horror' feel when the show is not a horror) and you'll find it's an enjoyable show with engaging characters. I'd probably give it a 7.5/10 but have scored higher to counter balance the people giving it a ridiculously low rating - it's far better than they're making out! I see a lot of comparisons to Stranger Things and Dark: why? Completely different shows, don't expect similarities. Very interested in seeing the story continue and I hope the bad reviews don't ruin its chances
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